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Concordia Chinese School Program & Registration Form

Concordia Chinese School Program and Registration Form:
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學費折扣 Tuition Discount

本校有一個方式可減低學費: 鼓勵您的孩子(5-12歲) 參加協和教會兒童主日學. 鑒於美國自由主義逐漸興起, 協和為教導您的孩子純正的傳統倫理道德觀念, 於去年9月7日開辦兒童主日學. 週日上午10:30-11:30上課, 您的孩子若在每次繳費日之前, 連續上課兩次以上, 將獲10% 學費折扣, 於下一次繳費時扣除, 請家長斟酌善用.

There is one way to reduce your tuition payment: encourage your child (age 5-12) to attend Concordia Children Sunday School.  In the rise of American liberalism, Concordia feels obligated to guide your child to walk on the right path. Beginning September 7, 2014, when your child attending Concordia Children Sunday School 10:30-11:30 am, more than two consecutive times in a billing cycle will be awarded a 10% discount on the next tuition payment. All parents are encouraged to enroll their children in this program.